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Emmi-pet Toothpaste

Posted on 19th Jun 2014 @ 4:45 PM

Emmi-pet Toothpaste

Emmi-pet Toothpaste is available in one flavor.

bbles come from the Ultrasound Toothpaste
For teeth cleaning, Emmi-pet Ultrasound Toothpaste has been designed for animals and has an effective cleaning action in conjunction with the Emmi-pet Toothbrush. It is a requirement to use Emmi-pet Ultrasound Toothpaste as other commercially available toothpastes do not work with ultrasound, so cleaning will not take place. Other commercial toothpastes do not create the unique nano-bubbles (= extremely small micro-bubbles) and contain abrasive particles which may block the ultrasound from reaching into crevices between teeth and below the gum line. Inside the pet's mouth when ultrasound is created, billions of microscopic bubbles form and implode to clean surfaces and kill bacteria.

Replacement Brush Heads for Emmi-pet 100% Ultrasound toothbrush for animals
The following brush heads are offered for your Emmi-pet:
Large ultrasound brush head (for larger animals, i.e. horses and larger dogs) and small ultrasound brush head (for dogs, cats and smaller pets).
For hygienic reasons, multiple animals should not use the same ultrasound brush head. For differentiation, the heads of the brushes come in different colours. The ultrasound attachments must be replaced every three months, since the bristles start to become softer and at this point in time they transmit less ultrasound (= less cleansing).
You can purchase these attachments from:  www.emmidentaustralia.com