How it works

Ultra - clean your mouth with a new micro-cleaning  process powered with 100% pure ultrasound

The development of an ultrasonic toothbrush device to  clean your teeth and mouth with ultrasound represents a revolution in the field of dental care and prophylactic treatment of the entire oral cavity. Conventional  toothbrushes - manual or electric, only clean where the bristles can reach and  are effective because of the abrasive elements contained in the toothpaste. Many  toothpastes are too abrasive and actually strip away tooth enamel, which does  not grow back! Conventional toothpastes are generally high in "abrasive"  substances (which are measured in RDA: 70-130 RDA), while the RDA value of  Emmi-dent Ultrasound Toothpaste is ZERO. (RDA - Relative Dentin  Abrasivity).

Conventional toothbrushes - manual or electric, only clean areas where the bristles can reach. With the new  EMAG technology, the brush head's bristles channel ultrasound from the transducer  directly to the ultrasound toothpaste which, due to the sonic action, is  transformed into millions of microscopic bubbles, that efficiently penetrate  even the smallest gaps between the teeth, implants or braces, without using any  mechanical pressure, mechanical abrasion or by placing any kind of stress on  the teeth and gums.

Scientific Background: How ultrasound kills bacteria

The fundamental  research of the effects of ultrasound on bacteria dates back to 1953, when Dr.  Hartwick (Freie Universitaet in Berlin/Germany) published his studies on the  effects of ultrasound on bacteria.

In 1978, the two  researchers, Sajas und Gorbatow were able to prove and document the destruction  of micro organisms using ultrasound.

In 1992, new  studies published by Schutt - Abraham et al confirmed the findings in a document  "The rupture of bacteria cells and enzymes". The antibacterial effect of ultrasound (as  with Emmi-dental Professional, the brush head develops 96 million oscillations  per minute) is based on the very rapid sequence of pressure increase and  decrease (cavity principle) in the cells of the micro-organism, which leads to  stress on the organism's membranes and a consequential destruction of the cells.

The triple  benefits obtained from the use of Emmi-dental Professional and Emmi-dent 6 Professional are, that it helps to prevent or minimize dental diseases by  attacking the problem: the bacteria, which is fundamentally the reason for  dental problems.

Bacteria  on the tooth surface and gums, together with other substances such as sugar or  starch, form a sticky plaque. This plaque is the root cause of gum irritation  and inflammation of the gums. The plaque  that builds up around the gingival margins of the teeth forms an ideal matrix  for the growth of harmful bacteria that causes gingivitis. The waste product of these  bacteria is highly acidic and causes caries on the fissures and gum  margins of the teeth as well. Without  proper hygiene this process may progress and may lead to the degradation of  the gums. Fiber, tissues and bone around the teeth are destroyed initially. Gingivitis  may develop leading to other problems like periodontitis. In extreme cases,  teeth lose their hold and fall out or due to the level of destruction, may need  to be extracted.

The Trilogy

Tooth cleaning and dental care have triple  benefits when using Emmi-dental Professional or Emmi-dent 6 Professional, both  based on ultrasound.

1. It gently cleans the tooth surfaces, the  areas between the teeth, periodontal pockets and fissures. After cleaning with ultrasound, put your tongue on your teeth - the  surface feels  smooth, because plaque and other contaminants have been  removed.

2. The antibacterial effect of ultrasound helps to remove plaque and tartar; the  risk of inflammation is substantially reduced.

3. Ultrasound waves not only kill bacteria and germs on the inside and outside  of the teeth and gums preventing:

  1. plaque
  2. caries and
  3. tartar,
but are also effective on the gums, as  ultrasound penetrates approximately 12 mm deep into the tissues and extirpates  bacteria and inflammation at the periodontal and root areas of the teeth. By increasing blood circulation in the tissues and by the release of the body's  own energies, the immune system and thus the body's own power of resistance is  significantly strengthened, which in turn leads to the acceleration of the  healing process.The positive effect of  Emmi-dent oral hygiene using ultrasound is noticeable soon after the first  application. Your teeth feel as though they have just been professionally cleaned.